Adult Sunday School

Class Offerings

Join us Sundays, at 9:45 a.m., for any of our Sunday School Classes. Our College & Career and Adult Sunday School Classes are listed below (Youth are also welcome to attend). Check out our Children’s classes here.

Christ, Our Life, Part 2

Taught by: Torrey Bingham
Location: Room 106

Practical insights on being a follower of Christ from the gospel of John. Both new believers, trying to make sense of what it means to live for Christ in a broken world, and longtime believers, that appreciates a reminder of the richness of a life devoted to Christ, will be enriched by this class.

Book of Matthew (College & Career)

Taught by: David Jones
Location: Room 107

The College and Career group is studying the book of Matthew verse by verse. Please join us for an in depth look at what Jesus did and taught while He walked this earth.

Sermon on the Mount – Discourses of Jesus

Taught by: Chris Madore
Location: Room 108

This class will study The Sermon on the Mount, perhaps the most famous sermon Jesus ever gave. In Matthew 5-7 Jesus teaches believers how to live a life dedicated to and pleasing to God.

Visual Study of the Bible

Taught by: Monte Robinson
Location: Room 109

Picking from well over 20,000 pictures and video clips, this class will be rooted in key Bible places and customs from both the Old and New Testaments but will always be driven back to 21st century applications of God’s truth.

Spiritual Life

Taught by: Mike Payne
Location: Main Part of the Gym (Later will move to the Conference Room in the New Office Building)

The class will study biblical teaching concerning living a Christian spiritual life–what it is, and how it is secured. This class will address many false impressions and presents a scriptural pattern for the full life in Christ. Topics will include the Ministries of the Spirit, How to “walk in the Spirit”, Christ…the pattern of the spiritual life, finding and using your spiritual gifts for God’s kingdom and many others.

The Bible’s Plan of Redemption… The Problem & The Solution

Taught by: Richard Ohendalski
Location: Banquet Room in the gym

This Bible study will cover the Old Covenant to New Covenant, how God’s gospel-plan runs through all scripture.