Summer Sunday School

Class Offerings

Join us at 9:45 a.m. for any of our Sunday School Classes. Our College & Career and Adult Sunday School Classes are listed below (Youth are also welcome to attend). Check out our Children’s classes here.

Men’s Sunday School Class

Facilitated by: C.F. Hazlewood
Location: Student Center

The Summer Sunday Bible Study for men will be A Man and His Traps. It will follow 33: The Series for men and will include workbooks.

For more information visit our Men’s Ministry page.

Women’s Sunday School Class

Taught by: Various Women
Location: Fellowship Hall

Join us this Summer as we walk through “the hymnbook of the people of God” — the Book of Psalms. Each week a different woman from our fellowship will teach a specific Psalm, adding their personal reflections and drawing out applications for all of us.

For more information visit our Women’s Ministry page.

Evidences of Creation

Taught by: Don Ortloff
Location: Room 106

This study will focus on Colossians 1:12-17, in anticipation of C.F. Hazlewood beginning to teach the Book of Genesis in the Fall. This is a course on God’s creation of the heavens and the earth and His sustaining of the universe through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Living by the Book (6 week class-Class is over)

Taught by: Monte Robinson
Location: Room 109

This class will give participants an introductory exposure to Bible interpretation. Dr. Hendricks’ book, Living by the Book, will be used as a guide for further study. The class will focus on the four key principals of quality Bible study and reading:

  • Observation — What is here?
  • Interpretation — What did God mean for the original audiences?
  • Correlation — Where are the other verses on these matters?
  • Application — In our modern context, how should we respond?

Visit this page to download audio [MP3] recordings and PowerPoints.