Small Groups

Small Group Opportunities

Equipping the Body to maximize their potential in Christ by fostering discipleship, building accountability and deepening friendship.

Small Group Testimony

Why attend a small group?

Fellowship of Huntsville is full of wonderful people, but it’s difficult to get to know one another well in the limited fellowship time available before, between, and after the services. That is why the Small Group ministry wants to offer you the opportunity to expand your circle of friends within the church and help you to get to know one another on a deeper level.

Small groups offers a place to share what is going in your life with people who know the Lord, care about you, and can encourage you. They also give you a chance to help others and to grow in the gifts God has given you. And beyond all this, they provide the ideal environment to bring friends and neighbors.

What do you do?

Contact the group leader or group contact. In most groups, the previous Sunday’s sermon is the topic of discussion, but some groups may have topical studies from time to time.

Before attending a group, reach out to the group leader or group contact (if one is given separate from the leader) to get more information and let them know you’ll be there!

For more information, contact…

BJ Stewart — Small Group Coordinator
Cell: 936-291-2570

Current Small Groups & Locations

Elkins Lake Group #1

When:Wednesday @ 6:30 pm
Leader: Craig (936-661-2056) and Cindy (936-661-4720) Clarke
Where: Varies
Age of Attendees:
y, This group …
… currently has no children attending.
… serves full meals.
… meets sporadically in the summer.

Elkins Lake Group #2

When: Tuesday @ 6:30 p.m.
Leaders: C.F. (936-661-7729) and Kathy (936-662-9895) Hazlewood
Where: Rotates to different houses each month.
Age of Attendees: 50+ years
y, This group …
… has no children attending.
… eats a meal together.
… meets once/month during June, July, and August.
… breaks for the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Huntsville East (Across HWY-19)

When: Every other Friday @ 6:00 pm
Leader: Shane Devore (@ 936-662-6303)
Where: 2204 Shannon Dr., Huntsville TX 77320
Age of Attendees: All ages welcome.
Generally, This group…
… meets every other Friday to discuss two weeks’ worth of sermons.
…has a potluck meal.
…does not meet around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
…meets in the summer.

Huntsville – Hunter’s Creek

When: Tuesday @ 6:00-8:00 pm
Leader: BJ & Charity Stewart (@ 936-828-7337)
Where: 409 Brushback Dr., TX 77320
Age of Attendees: All ages welcome. Families with children are welcome.
Generally, This group…
… meets every Tuesday.
… provides a meal.
… does not meet the week of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Huntsville w/Small Kids Group

When: Every other Wednesday @ 6:30-8:00 pm
Leader: Heath Purghan contact Natali Maness (@ 830-609-8181)
Where: Varies/Rotates (Spring Lake, Forest Hills, Avenues)
Age of Attendees: 25-40 Engaged, Married, with Kids
Generally, This group…
… always has small children from baby to 6 years old (group sitter).
… provides a meal or does BYOM.
… meets year round, slower in summer/holidays.
… tries to do monthly outings together

New Waverly Group

When: Sunday @ 6:00 p.m.
Leader: Ernie Franz (936-661-0720) and Richard Pittman (936-577-45940
Hosts: Richard and Kathy Pittman
Where: 3340 Thornwood Way, Huntsville TX 77340
Age of Attendees: 50+-years
y, This group …
… does not currently have children in the group.
… serves full meals.
… decides their holiday schedule in November.
… meets in the summer.


When: Tuesday @ 6:00 pm
Leader: Jack Kolter (@ 936-239-1091)
Where: 116 Creekside Dr., Onalaska, TX 77360
Age of Attendees: All ages welcome.
Generally, This group…
… meets every Tuesday.
… has a potluck meal each week.
… meets year round.
… does not currently have children, but parents with small children are welcome.

Riverside/Trinity Group

When: Tuesday @ 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Leader: Kent and Trish Bowman (@ 936-581-7651)
Where: 26 Haas Rd, Huntsville Texas,77320 (Contact Kent for gate code to get on property.)
Age of Attendees: 45-85
Generally, This group…
… currently has no children attending.
…does not meet during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter.
…meets in the summer.

Young Adults Group

When: Sunday @ 6:00 pm
Leader: Trace Doyle (@ 936-293-0832) and Jessica Doyle (@ 936-661-4902)
Where: Church College Building or various homes
Age of Attendees: 21-35
Generally, This group…
… has a potluck meal.
… has families with children.
… has GroupMe for meeting schedule.