Adult Sunday School

Class Offerings

Beginning August 15th, join us at 9:45 a.m. for any of our Adult Sunday School Classes. Our classes are listed below. (Youth are also welcome to attend). Check out our Children’s classes here.

New Attenders Class

Taught by: Todd Primm
Location: Room 106

This will be a ten week class about what FOHC believes, how we operate, how membership works, and how you can join in ministry. This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about the church and become more involved.

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College/Young Adult Sunday School

Teacher: David Jones
Location: College Building

This class will cover the book of Matthew verse by verse.

Worldview and Culture

Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity.

Taught by: Chris Madore
Location: Room 108

This class will examine current cultural issues facing all believers and how we are to respond biblically. It is our privilege to be called to represent Christ at this pivotal moment of history. Be ready to get involved in the discussion as we work through the book We Will Not Be Silenced by Erwin Lutzer.

Audio (and other) Class Files:

The Four Priorities

Facilitated by: C.F. Hazlewood
Location: Room 109

This class will focus on step-by-step discipleship training using the book, The Four Priorities by Dr. John Tolston. When one completes the class not only will they know the basics of the Christian life, but one will be equipped to disciple another person. We will also address difficult questions in this class.

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The Faithfulness of Yahweh

How To Study The Bible

Taught by: Richard Ohendalski
Location: Fellowship Hall (Gym) Banquet Room

The Title of the class is “The Faithfulness of Yahweh: Old Testament Types to New Testament Fulfillments.” The class method will be how to study the Bible, observe, interpret, and then apply

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