Who We Are…

About Us

Here at Fellowship of Huntsville Church (FOHC) we strive to maintain a balance between the focus on our collective needs as a group of church members and our desire to help those around us in our local community–outside the church and even in other countries.

Focus on the Bible as the Word of God to Mankind.

As our doctrinal statement makes clear, we believe the Bible alone is the authority of Christian living. Therefore we are a Bible church; for we believe that the Bible will change our thoughts and attitudes and as we apply it to our lives.

Overall Vision

At FOHC, we are driven by discipleship: becoming more like Christ through His power and His Word, the Bible. And as we humble ourselves and mature in our faith in Christ, we believe we will become people who will selflessly serve others, putting their needs in priority over our own. As this maturing process of God happens in our lives, we desire to assist in equipping others for selfless service and ministry. For we believe God has made and forms every Christian for His kingdom service and has a plan for our lives (Ephesians. 2:10).

Preaching and Teaching Vision

To accomplish these things, we believe we must be a church that sticks to Bible preaching. For we believe that to equip people for ministry and service, we must give many opportunities for people to hear the Bible being taught. Through preaching, we hope to facilitate understanding and application of biblical principles. So our Sunday sermons are occasionally topical, but usually are verse-by-verse teaching (expository teaching) of different books of the Bible.

Classes and Bible Studies

We offer Bible classes and studies on various days to facilitate and encourage personal growth and provide our members with ministry training. We offer a variety of classes on Sunday mornings: some are topical teaching (e.g., past classes on Strengthening Marriages and 19 Keys to Loving Relationships); others are theological in nature (e.g., the Doctrine of Salvation or Soteriology); while still others are Bible classes with verse-by-verse teaching through books of the Bible.

We also desire for men and women to study the Bible from their God given roles and perspectives. Therefore there are multiple opportunities for segregated women’s and men’s Bible studies—both topical and verses-by-verse studies.

Finally we have Small Groups. In these groups, we desire to address topics of applicational discussions of our Sunday sermons and to build closer relationships. We also desire to have available small group studies in regard to forming loving relationships, strengthening marriages, financial management, and parenting.

Kids and Teens

We are focused on children as well with ministries such as AWANA, Xtreme KIDS and Fellowship Student Ministries (FSM; 7th-12th Students group). We have paid staff (and about 100 volunteers) in areas of children and student ministries. We believe that the church is here to assist parents in the training of their children in regard to the Bible. Parents have the biblical responsibility to train their children in the things of God.

Reaching Others

Regarding reaching out — our youth, college students, and adults of all ages are involved with various FOHC ministries, local outreach ministries, and short-term missions. Enthusiastic support of overseas missions’ work is another priority here at FOHC, especially the support and training of nationals in foreign lands.

Our History

1988 — Bought the current property from Grace Baptist Church
1992 — On September 6, called Tim Ramsey as Student Pastor/Associate Pastor
1997 — On August 10,  called C.F. Hazlewood as our Senior Pastor
1998 — On April 23,  changed the name of the church to FOHC
1998 — On November 15,  merged with Huntsville Bible Church. David Hodges became Executive Pastor
1999 — On November 2, purchased 5 acres behind the church
2002 — On December 15, moved into our current Worship Center
2003 — On November 2, called Monte Robinson to be Associate Pastor
2005 — In the Fall the Fellowship Hall was built
2007 — In the Spring, called Debbie Keil to be the Director of Women’s Ministries
2009 — On November 8, called Don Johnson to be the Pastor of Worship and College
2012 — On January 20, purchased 12 acres behind the church
2015 — On May 1, called Beth Primm as Children’s Ministry Director
2015 — On June 7, called Adam Winningham as Youth Ministry Associate
2017 – In January, David Jones was called as the College & Career Minister
2017 — In the Fall, Joey Stroud was called to be Pastor of Worship